Bill Nye Calls CNN out for Having a Climate Change Denier Meteorologist

You could tell the whole interview that something was bothering him, then he just drops the bomb at the end.  After Katrina, Nye was on CNN lamenting about the rebuilding of New Orleans and what a terrible idea it was. I was surprised he didn’t repeat that when the host brought it up. He’s right, New Orleans has sunk so much, and is so much lower than sea level, you can be on a residential street and look up at ships going by through a shipping canal.

I’m confused as to why he mentioned New Orleans’ geography at first – and he did so in such an ignorant manner (some of the highest elevation in the city is by the river because of the sediment buildup over centuries before levees were put in place). New Orleans isn’t flooding right now; Baton Rouge is flooding. These are two very different places.

source: LiveStreamTVNews