Can all drivers watch this video PLEASE!

Driving in the left lane at the same speed as the person next to you is also wrong. Also, if I’m driving in the left lane going the speed of light, and I see someone approaching fast behind me, even though I know that is physically impossible, I will still get out of their way. I don’t have a problem with people staying in the left lane, as long as you’re passing the flow of traffic to your right, and if someone is behind you going faster than you, you let them pass by moving out of the left lane.

Other things that annoys me:  If you are on a 1 lane road and the car behind you crosses a dotted yellow line, they are not trying to drag race, they are trying to pass. Maintain your speed and let them do it safely. This is not the time to decide you want to start driving faster.

source: Vox