How Americans Got Stuck With Endless Drug Commercials

I don’t go to my doctor with an idea of what’s wrong with me and how to treat it. I go to the doctor and give them a list of symptoms because I trust that their years of medical school, and more years of experience will likely mean they have a better idea of what’s wrong with me than I will have with my no experience and no years of medical school..

Advertising prescription drugs seems like absolute insanity. There’s only 3 countries where it’s allowed. The USA, Brazil and New Zealand. However, it’s unnerving and pretty scary when drugs that literally change your body are advertised in the same throw-away, casual style that a T shirt, car or watch would be. These things have real side effects and the slimy, unethical side of advertising is really shown through these adverts. They’ll just say anything, use manipulative wording, etc to sell their product no matter what.

source: Vox