In Japan Moving is More of an Art

And in America, we’ve managed to create an industry designed for the same task, but polar opposites in execution and style.  It does happen in the states too, if you pay for it. Used to work for UPS and they paid for a guy’s move from New Jersey to Louisville, KY. The guy was already in Louisville so mailed them the keys to his apartment. They packed everything, drove it to Louisville, and set it up in his new place just like it was in his old place. The thing that surprised the hell out of him is that his dirty clothes were in the dirty clothes hamper in his closet. And even better all the dirty dishes he left in the sink in New Jersey were in his sink in Louisville….still dirty.

I’ve moved from Japan to the US twice. Japanese movers are amazing. I’ve never had anything damaged during one of those moves. They do use a ton of packing material, though.

source: Bad Max