Shark Breaches Diving Cage with Diver Inside

Pretty lame to see these sharks are baited so close to giant steel cages considering their knowledge of how they are blinded when lunging.  There are a lot of videos where sharks breach cages and there really shouldn’t be. It’s not fair to the diver or the shark. Either make a cage that can withstand 3 sharks rattling it simultaneously, or don’t make it at all. It literally has one job.

However, the cage doesn’t really need to stop sharks, it would be expensive and heavy to make a cage that could. It needs to not be food and be annoying to get through. Great Whites aren’t after people, they aren’t going to try to get into the cage to attack people. They want tuna. I’ve only heard of one other shark breaking into a cage before in a similar incident, but I have seen many sharks approach cages inspect them (aka gnaw on them a bit) and there were no problems.