Well spoken homeless man explains why you should never do crack

This is why we need addicts to talk in schools instead of cops about drug addiction.  My high school was about 20 minutes down the road from a big rehab facility. In fact the best place to get breakfast before school was a cafe run by the facility to help get addicts job skills and legitimately make money. I believe they had addicts come in and talk during freshmen health classes. I couldn’t say it was super or even more effective. But I definitely remember what they said more than the cop who visited.

I had the misconception that crack was purely a drug that troubled people in poverty, but then witnessed a friend graduate from collage and become addicted to crack. He had everything going for him, a great education, wonderful girlfriend, nice job with a family business. It didn’t matter. That stuff took him down hard.  Made me respect the power of this substance.

source: maketreks